GMC Jam #11 – Development Log

GMC Jam 11 Logo

Theme: Monsters
Handicap: Must contain no violence of any kind

This post is going to be my development log for GMC Jam 11. I will try and keep it updated during the game jam.

UPDATE – 11:00 07/27/13
Just got back home and am ready to make my game. First thing, I look at the theme.

It reminds me of Monsters Inc.
I then looked at the handicap.

It reminds me of Monsters Inc.
I am going to start by writing down ideas, making certain that they do not have anything to do with Monsters Inc.

UPDATE – 11:30 07/27/13
After looking through all my ideas, I am going to choose to make a stealth/puzzle game as those two game types definitely do not need any violence. The player will be Frankenstein Junior, who has been held captive in a place called New Rapa. Their goal would be to escape from this place whilst avoiding the guards.

UPDATE – 12:00 07/27/2013
Started creating the sprites for the player and one enemy character. Later I will add more enemy types so there will be some variety to the game.

UPDATE – 14:00 07/27/2013
Creating sprites for the first time took longer than expected, but at least I am finished with them for now. I have imported them into GameMaker and created the controls for the player. I have also created basic movement for the player so that he moves by himself across the map. So far, so good.

Testing the controls for the player and the enemy AI
Testing the controls for the player and the enemy AI

UPDATE – 19:00 07/27/2013
Got the enemy AI a bit more advanced so that he goes to random points across the map by itself. I am now going to clean up the enemy AI code so that I can re-use it with other characters. Tomorrow I am going to start working on the graphics.

UPDATE – 21:00 07/27/2013
This is enough for today.

UPDATE – 06:00 07/28/2013
Just got up.
Feel happy and eager to get back to working on my game.
*Tests out enemy*
Error?! Where did you come from? You was not here last night!
Now I feel angry while I try and fix the enemy AI.

UPDATE – 11:00 07/28/2013
Still working on the enemy AI. I decided to cut out some of the features I originally intended to put in the game. This included a rock throwing feature which could be used to distract enemy guards.

UPDATE – 14:00 07/28/2013
Finally got the enemy AI working as intended. The code is also reusable so I should be able to set up multiple enemy types with ease. Now I am going to start on designing the final characters.

UPDATE – 17:00 07/28/2013
Finished with all the character designs and created the sprite sheet. I am pleasantly surprised how nice the characters look, especially considering that this was the first time I ever did any artwork for a game.

Final character sprite sheet
Final character sprite sheet

UPDATE – 21:00 07/28/2013
Finished with the player controls, enemy AI, sprite sheet, sounds, objects in the game and the game mechanics (e.g. controls for menu, game-play, win situation, etc.). Only thing left to do now is design the level for my game, create the artwork and make some backgrounds for the menu screens. Hopefully that will be done by tomorrow’s deadline of the jam. Now it is time to catch some zzz’s.
Finished all sprites, sounds, objects and game mechanics. I now only have to design my level, do the artwork and the fonts. Hopefully that will be done by tomorrow. Go me! Now time to catch some zzz’s.

UPDATE – 11:00 07/29/2013
Finished the level design. Now I just have to create the backgrounds and add them to the game.

Background for the defeat menu
Background for the defeat menu

UPDATE – 17:00 07/29/2013
Finished the game with 7 hours to spare. I am proud of my achievement. I don’t think I can improve the game by much in the spare time I have, especially considering my limited skill set and experience. This concludes my first ever game jam. You can download the game by clicking here.

UPDATE – 18:00 07/29/2013
It would help if I published this post.

Background of the main menu
Background of the main menu