Akuto: Mad World

Akuto: Mad World Steam Greenlight screenshot

Remember Akuto? Well I enjoyed making and playing it so much that I decided to make it into a full game. The full game will be called ‘Akuto: Mad World’. This will technically be the second game to be released under Hut 90, even though the first game is still in development. So a little background about Akuto. Since Ludum Dare, I have spent most Sundays working on improving Akuto bit by bit. Now, with enough improvement, I can say it is ready… for Steam Greenlight. It still is not ready to be released yet as quite a few things need to be updated but nevertheless, go vote for it.

Below are links where you can find Akuto: Mad World on the web and the two Steam Greenlight trailers for Akuto: Mad World.
Press Kit
Steam Greenlight
Indie DB