Akuto: Mad World February Update

Akuto: Mad World - Juggernaut

Welcome to February’s monthly update for Akuto: Mad World. This month I didn’t complete as many tasks as I liked, mainly due to traveling to two different events. But I am quite proud of the tasks I did manage to complete, such as the updated camera and custom settings, which has led to better gameplay. You can read on to see what major updates were released in February and at the bottom of the post, you will find a full list of updates that happened this month and what I am planning for next month. And remember, if you like the game, recommend it to your friends or leave us a nice review.

Akuto: Mad World is now available from Steam or Humble Store.

New Content in February

Mine Bullet
Mines are only big enough to kill a single character.

Customize versus or practice games to your liking.

Fixes and Updates in February

  • Updated katana (melee attack) – you can now hit multiple bullets or kill multiple characters from one swing
  • Level intro can be turned on or off
  • Restart time for Survival mode is shortened
  • Push back effect strength and times updated for players and bots
  • Audio and textures optimized to be less resource intensive
  • New spawn effect makes it easier to find yourself when you spawn
  • Updated load percentage so that it does not show any decimal points
  • Updated GUI of the whole game
  • Optimized lighting
  • Fixed pillar issue on ‘Dojo’ level
  • Menu backgrounds made darker to increase contrast
  • Screen shake effect made smoother
  • Attack sword swing radius reduced
  • Barrel explodes immediately if it is hit by a second bullet
  • Loading has been optimized and levels should load over 3 times faster
  • Fixed ‘Music Volume’ text
  • Camera zooms in and out automatically to keep players in view
  • New bullet type (Mine)
  • Mutators for versus and practice game modes
  • Steam leaderboards for ‘Survival’ mode created

Plans for March
I will continue to focus on creating new versus game modes and get a start on the minigames.