Akuto: Mad World May Update

Akuto: Mad World - Targets

Welcome to May’s monthly update for Akuto: Mad World. This month I completed all the minigame game modes. This means the game has now 5 different minigames that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends.

You can read on to see what major updates were released in May, with a full list of updates following that. At the bottom of this post, you will find what I am planning for next month. And remember, if you like the game, recommend it to your friends or leave us a nice review.

Akuto: Mad World is now available from Steam or Humble Store.

New Content in May

Targets minigame
Destroy the target to gain points. Simple, right?

A-K-U-T-O minigame
Remember S-K-A-T-E in Tony Hawk games? Well this is the same, except you also have a sword and a gun.

Melee minigame
Kill the most ninjas in the time limit. Remember, you can kill everyone, but you will earn points only for killing the ninjas.

Os X and Linux builds
These builds are untested so I am not sure how well they work. Therefore, I haven’t updated the store page to say that I support these two platforms yet. I have only uploaded them in case existing players want to play on these platforms.

Starboy minigame
One player is randomly assigned as the starkiller at the beginning of every match, who has to kill all the other players to win the minigame. All the other players have to collect stars without dying to reach the score limit to win the minigame. Makes sense, right?

Fixes and Updates in May

  • Thrown sword no longer gets stuck in level objective items (i.e. flags, juggernaut mask, etc.)
  • Fixed minigame menu issue
  • New minigame (Targets)
  • New minigame (A-K-U-T-O)
  • Os X and Linux builds available to download
  • New minigame (Melee)
  • Lighting and shadows updated on every level
  • New minigame (Starboy)

Plans for June
Create singleplayer mode. Wish me luck.

And remember, if you like the game, recommend it to your friends or leave us a nice review.