Akuto: Mad World January Update

Akuto: Mad World - Robot Factory

Welcome to January’s monthly update for Akuto: Mad World. I didn’t get a chance to add in much content this much as I have been busy working on making all the levels work in online mode. So far, I have got 6 out of 10 levels working for online, with the goal of getting the remaining 4 finished in February. There was a big reason why not much was added in Akuto: Mad World this month, but I will tell that reason in next month’s dev log once everything is finalized.

You can read on to see what major updates were released in January, with a full list of updates following that. At the bottom of this post, you will find what I am planning for next month. And remember, if you like the game, recommend it to your friends or leave us a review.

Akuto: Mad World is now available from Steam, Humble Store, and itch.io. Join us on our Discord server to talk more about Akuto: Mad World and our other games.

New Content in January

Online Levels
Below is a list of online levels added to online game mode:

  • Robot Factory
  • Maze
  • Ancient Ruins
  • BIC

Fixes and Updates in January

  • Robot Factory level playable online
  • Maze level playable online
  • Ancient Ruins level playable online
  • BIC level playable online

Plans for February
I should have all the levels working in online mode before the end of February. I am also going to start working on updating the post-processing effects for each level, specifically the color grading effect. I will also start researching and possibly updating the matchmaking of Akuto: Mad World, and see if cross-platform play is possible in the game.

And remember, if you like the game, recommend it to your friends or leave us a review.