My First Attempts Using Blender

Low Poly Attempt

I have recently started spending one day each month to learn and experiment with something I am interested in and have not done before. I call this day ‘Experiment Day’. Last month was learning to create low poly art in Blender.

These images are the result of my work that day. I used online tutorials to create both images. The image above was created by following CGI Tuts+ tutorial and the image below was created by following PigArt tutorial.

I am not sure what I will experiment with this month. I will post whatever I create on that day on my blog.

Low Poly Attempt

Six Months With Art

Nameless Character Prototype Design

This is just a post showcasing to the world (and me personally) on how much I have managed to improve on my art over the past six months. At first I did not believe I had improved at all but after reviewing my images I can see I have improved a lot. This is a good source of inspiration for myself to continue working hard on improving my art. Click on the post to see some of the images I have managed to create over the past six months (if you don’t like pixel art, I recommend you turn away now).

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30 Day Challenge: October 2013 Summary

30 Day Challenge

So I finished my 30 Day Challenge of drawing robots every day. I believe it went well as I managed to draw one robot every day. In the end I managed to draw 31 robots (one for each day of October). Some of my drawings I like and others were drawn in a hurry. I have uploaded all my drawings and you can view them by clicking on this post.

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30 Day Challenge: October 2013

30 Day Challenge

I recently watched a TED talk by Google engineer Matt Cutts where he suggested that I should try something new for 30 days. During his TED talk, Matt stated that it takes 30 days to form a new habit or break an old one, so why not use 30 day challenges to make your life exactly what you want it to be?

I am going to take on his challenge. This month I want to improve on my drawings. Specifically, drawings of robots. Because who does not like robots. I am going to draw (minimum) one robot every day for the month of October. I will post all my drawings at the end of the month on my website. Wish me luck.


Digital Art: Spacescape

I created this digital art last weekend. I was following a tutorial made by Tobias Roetsch and I must say, I am quite happy how it turned out. The image was made in Photoshop CS6 using stock images provided with the tutorial. I was not too pleased with certain aspects of the picture but I believe this is quite good for my first time doing digital art in over a year. Hopefully this will give me the urge and motivation to continue with the digital art.

Click here to view the image in large.