Year End List: 2014

Year End 2014

2014 was quite a year. Many things happened, many things I learned. Now is not the time to talk about that. Now is the time to reflect back on 2014 and talk about what I enjoyed best. Some of the items on this list were not released in 2014 but I have still added them to the list as I got a chance to experience them this year. Therefore, without further ado, here is my list of the best of 2014.

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Subconsciously Solving My Problems

Albert Einstein Quote

This is just a small post for everyone who has difficulty solving arithmetic (or any other) problems. Instead of trying to work on the problem to solve it, try doing another mindless task. This can be anything from eating, having a shower or even sleeping. This way while you are consciously doing the other mindless tasks, your brain will subconsciously work on the problem and solve it (or at least lead you in the right direction).

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One Year On

Today marks a special day. It marks one year since I finished my final year report and more importantly, one year since I finished my first ever video game. The video game I created was called ‘Warrior Of Normandy’ and it was used to answer the academic question “Can video games teach basic educational principles to primary school children without them being aware that they are learning?”. I enjoyed creating the video game so much that after I graduated I started to learn Unity and GameMaker. I believe this was the first time I got interested in video game development and believed that I actually could succeed at it. The download links to the video game created and my final year project report can be found below:

Warrior Of Normandy
Final Year Project Report

EGX Rezzed 2014

EGX Rezzed 2014

So today I found out EGX Rezzed 2014 is happening tomorrow. Thankfully because my boss is a good guy he let me have tomorrow off. This means that I will be attending EGX Rezzed 2014 for all three days. This will be the first ever games convention I will have gone to. Hopefully I will be able to see some great games and meet some nice people. Sadly by going to EGX means that I will not be able to finish my Mini Ludum Dare Demake game. I will try and finish it another time instead. If anybody wants to meet up at EGX (would be nice since I don’t know anybody going) then leave a comment on this blog post or contact me via Twitter.

Website Version Four

Website Screenshot

If you are reading this post, it must mean you have noticed my website has been redesigned. This was a major revision compared to my old version of the website. Here is a list of some of the updates about my new website:

  • It has pages to showcase my work, information about myself and most importantly, a way to contact me.
  • Used Bootstrap as the framework so the website is responsive and looks nice on any device.
  • Used flat design.
  • Designed the WordPress theme from scratch so it works as I want it to.

There are more things I have done redesigned and developed for my website which you can read more about by clicking here.

Year End List: 2013

year end list dissapointments

So it is the end of another year. A lot has happened this year. I graduated from university. I created and completed my first (not so brilliant) game. And most importantly, I managed to keep my blog going for SIX months! That is a very long time, especially considering how many times I tried this in the past.

I have also enjoyed lots of stuff this year. Everything from books to TV series and anything in between. I haven’t played as many games as I would have liked to this year but hopefully I can change that next year. In this list I am just going to write everything I have liked over the past twelve months. Some of this is not new (some games I have enjoyed have been out since 2009!) but that does not mean I am going to exclude it from my list. So here is my list in no particular order.

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Big News

Big News

Big news. Well for me anyway. You might have noticed that I have not posted anything for several weeks. Well there a simple reason for that. I got a new job! I have now got a job as a Web Developer. I will continue working as a Technology Facilitator (my current job) on a part-time basis as the Web Developer role is also on a part-time basis. Hopefully I will be able to make the website I will be working on as great and functional as this website.

I am still going to continue working on Nameless in my spare time and on weekends. I will also continue updating my blog with random things I find interesting. But as for today, wish me luck as it is my first day at my new job.