GameBoy Jam 2 – Office

Office Title Screen

This game was created for GameBoy Jam 2. It is a puzzle platformer where the goal is to reach the exit of the level as fast as possible whilst avoiding the robots and hazards. The player can use their portal gun to create portals to teleport in the level. The player can also collect office supplies to achieve a greater score.

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GameBoy Jam 2


I recently heard of the GameBoy Jam and I have decided to enter their second jam. GB Jam is video game development jam where developers create a game based around the theme of GameBoy. There are only three rules to the GB Jam. They are:

  1. Game must be GameBoy Themed.
  2. Keep in the original GameBoy screen resolution of 160px x 144px.
  3. Use only 4 colors in your game.

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Why Mobile Games Are Not The Answer

Mobile Games

I recently read Neil Long’s article on Edge about why he enjoys iOS games over the big console releases.

I believe he makes several valid points and I understand where he is coming from, especially since I barely have time to play games myself these days (I am still playing L.A. Noire). However, I do not believe that iOS, or Android, games are the answer. There are some brilliant games on the mobile but 99% of them are pick up and play games. I never feel engaged whilst I am playing these games. All these mobile games feel like junk food. They are like chocolate snacks which you would have when you are hungry. After five minutes of eating, you will be feeling bad for having eaten that chocolate and will start to feel hungry again. These games will never quench your hunger.

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Ludum Dare 48 #27 – The Game I Did Not Make

Ludum Dare

It is that time again. After four long months of waiting, I was going to enter my first Ludum Dare 48 game jam. Unfortunately, couple of weeks prior of the jam starting, I found out that I was not going to be able to enter (who decides to get married on a Ludum Dare weekend?!).

Instead of not doing anything, I decided that I will write about the game I would develop if I was entering the jam. I found out the theme was 10 seconds. Hmm… interesting theme. After thinking about it for a few hours, I thought of a good game that would have matched the theme brilliantly.

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