Augmented Reality Software

Augmented Reality Example

In my current job as a Technology Facilitator, one of my roles (among many) is to research on technologies that can help SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). This past week I have been researching about AR (augmented reality) software. I decided to post my research on my blog as it may benefit anyone who is looking into AR.

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Digital Art: Spacescape

I created this digital art last weekend. I was following a tutorial made by Tobias Roetsch and I must say, I am quite happy how it turned out. The image was made in Photoshop CS6 using stock images provided with the tutorial. I was not too pleased with certain aspects of the picture but I believe this is quite good for my first time doing digital art in over a year. Hopefully this will give me the urge and motivation to continue with the digital art.

Click here to view the image in large.

Game Generator

Game Generator Screenshot

While I was playing some of the games from Ludum Dare #27, I was thinking where all the people who created the games get their ideas from. I know some people that can come up with ideas in seconds during a game jam whilst others struggle to find inspiration to continue making the game. I definitely belong in the latter group. So this week I decided to create a game generator which I could use during the next game jam I am going to participate in. Hopefully the game generator will stop me from struggling on the idea segment of a game jam. Now I just have to create a code generator that can help me during the coding segment of a game jam.

You can try out the game generator by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. I will update the generator periodically so that it can continue to inspire me, and anyone else who wants to use it.

If you are a game developer, or someone who enters game jams, then let me know if you found the game generator useful, or how it could be improved and made better for future use, by leaving a comment.

Link to Game Generator: Game Generator

E-Book Readers For Developers

Kobo Touch

I have always been interested in e-book readers due to their long battery life and better readability of their screens compared to tablets. I bought my first, and so far only, e-book reader couple of years ago. It was a Kobo Touch. I was happy with it as it did everything I wanted to do, which was to read books and play Sudoku once a while. Gradually over time I have noticed that I stopped using my Kobo Touch until I recently decided to give it away. This was not due to any fault with the Kobo (I still recommend the Kobo Touch to anyone who is looking to buy a e-book reader), but with every e-book reader.

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Ludum Dare 48 #27 – The Game I Did Not Make

Ludum Dare

It is that time again. After four long months of waiting, I was going to enter my first Ludum Dare 48 game jam. Unfortunately, couple of weeks prior of the jam starting, I found out that I was not going to be able to enter (who decides to get married on a Ludum Dare weekend?!).

Instead of not doing anything, I decided that I will write about the game I would develop if I was entering the jam. I found out the theme was 10 seconds. Hmm… interesting theme. After thinking about it for a few hours, I thought of a good game that would have matched the theme brilliantly.

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retroarch.cfg File For PlayStation 2 Controller

RetroPie Project Logo

Before I redesigned my website, I posted the retroarch.cfg file for the PlayStation 2 controller. The file allows you to use a PlayStation 2 controller to play retro games using the RetroPie image on the raspberry pi. I am not sure if some people still want the file so I am reposting the link here. You can download the retroarch.cfg file by clicking here.

To use the retroarch.cfg file:
1. Navigate to /home/pi/RetroPie/configs/all/
2. Replace the retroarch.cfg file with the one you have downloaded.
3. Enjoy playing your retro games using the PS2 controller.