Play Akuto: Mad World At The Busan Indie Connect Festival 2016

Busan Indie Connect Festival Logo

Akuto: Mad World has been selected as one of the games for the game expo at BICFest (Busan Indie Connect Festival). You can join me there and play the game between September 9 and September 11 2016 in Busan, South Korea. Yes, you read that right. Akuto has gone international! From Vienna to Busan to who knows where next. You can find out more information about BICFest here.

Play Akuto: Mad World At Radius Festival

Akuto: Mad World Selected For Radius Festival

Akuto: Mad World will be playable for the first time at Radius Festival in Vienna, Austria. Come join me there and become one of the first people to play the game. Maybe there will be prizes there as well. Just maybe. There will be different games being exhibited every day, and Akuto will be playable on Sunday July 24, 2016. You can find out more information about Radius Festival here.

Akuto: Mad World Steam Greenlight Update

Akuto: Mad World Logo

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have taken down the Steam Greenlight page for Akuto: Mad World. This isn’t because the game is dead. I am going to use the downtime to improve Akuto’s gameplay and graphics from the feedback I have received so far. So when you see the game next time, you will not even recognize it.

Akuto: Mad World

Akuto: Mad World Steam Greenlight screenshot

Remember Akuto? Well I enjoyed making and playing it so much that I decided to make it into a full game. The full game will be called ‘Akuto: Mad World’. This will technically be the second game to be released under Hut 90, even though the first game is still in development. So a little background about Akuto. Since Ludum Dare, I have spent most Sundays working on improving Akuto bit by bit. Now, with enough improvement, I can say it is ready… for Steam Greenlight. It still is not ready to be released yet as quite a few things need to be updated but nevertheless, go vote for it.

Below are links where you can find Akuto: Mad World on the web and the two Steam Greenlight trailers for Akuto: Mad World.
Press Kit
Steam Greenlight
Indie DB

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Akuto Screenshot

This weekend was Ludum Dare 34, the first Ludum Dare where there was a tie between two themes. This was the first, and last, game jam I took part in all of 2015. It was fun since I did quite many things. First was that I made a 3D game for a jam (I took part in the jam which is 72 hours long instead of the compo that is only 48 hours long). I even completed the game and it is fun. Short, but fun. You can download the game from GameJolt, and vote for it on the Ludum Dare website. Below is some information about the game.

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