Is It All Over For Indie Developers?


No. It is not over for indie developers. Far from it. Let me write a brief summary of why I am writing this blog post. In the last few weeks, there have been more and more articles saying that it is a bad time to be an indie developer, that indie developers will cease to exist due to lack of sales and exposure, that it is the índiepocalypse’. The reasons behind these articles are two-fold. The first reason is that it has never been easier to be an indie developer and create your own games. This is true. I wouldn’t have been able to create my own games if it wasn’t for all the tools that are available (Unity, GameMaker, etc.). The second reason is that because it is much easier to develop games, there are more and more games being released every day. This makes it harder to get exposure, especially for small one-man indie developers. Lack of exposure leads to lack of sales. This is also true. Just look at Steam this year compared to previous years. There are now dozens of games coming out nearly every day. But here are the reasons why I don’t think it is all over for indie developers.

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