The Artists That Will Make Retool Look Good

Retool GIF

After 43 artists applied, numerous counts of bad art by me, and 6 weeks of deciding, I have chosen three people to do the art for Retool and make it look better by at least 48%. So please welcome Richard Schmidbauer and Esther Nho as the environment artists, and Tan Woon Tzer as the character artist.

There isn’t much else to say about Retool other than I am trying to optimize the code to get it ready to add all the new assets and features. So until the next update, here is a GIF of Agent M shooting some guards (yes, the characters in the game finally have some names).

Retool GIF

Call Out For 3D Artists For Retool

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Retool is at a stage where the core gameplay is implemented and the game can be played (and hopefully enjoyed). Now I can’t endure to look at its art, especially as it was created by my limited art skillset. Therefore, to improve the game a further 43%, I have decided it is time to hire a professional 3D artist. Read on if you are interested.

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Retool Guard Trailer

Here is the first (kind-of) trailer for Retool. It shows how to retool the levels to eliminate guards. The game is still in alpha and all the art and sounds are subject to be changed.

Sorry about the bad quality of the footage, OBS did not want to play nice.

The music is by Aaron Paul Low.

Remember, you can download the playable alpha version from GameJolt.

Retool First Playable Build

Retool Logo

You can now download the first public playable build of Retool. For those who do not know, Retool is a game about hacking into computers to alter electronic item’s output, which is done by rewiring them to other electronic items. If you are still confused, then go download and play the build. It will help you understand the game 43% more than just this text.

Retool First Playable Version… Sort Of

I have made a video showing the first playable version of Retool, and I do use playable in the loosest sense. In the video, I talk about the following points:

  • The name change of the game, from Bounty Hunter to Retool
  • What the game is about
  • The objectives in a level
  • How the electronic network system (ENS?) works
  • My influences, which includes Gunpoint and Hitman

Drop me an email if you want to try out the practice level and give me feedback.

Stealth AI

Bounty Hunter Screenshot 4

I have been working on Bounty Hunter for nearly two months now. So far, I have managed to create a player that can move and shoot, NPC that walks and runs from gunshots, and guards that chase and kill the player when they see him. Now I want to improve the AI of the guards. I am going to improve the AI of the NPC but at a later stage of development as they are not that important just yet.

Now I have been researching on how to make the AI feel more human and react better when they see the player, see a dead body, or hear some noise. Here are the things I will (try to) implement into the game to achieve my goal of better stealth AI.

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