Radius Festival 2016 Game Jam

No Connection: Don't Be Late Logo

I think this is the first game jam I participated in this year. As always, I had enjoyed my time and it allowed me to create a game from scratch within 72 hours.

For Radius Festival 2016 game jam, I created a game called ‘No Connection: Don’t Be Late’. No Connection: Don’t Be Late is a game about Mr. Rabbit, who missed his connection train and his wife is about to give birth. Now, he must steal and race vehicles to get back home in time to witness the birth of his child.

You can download and play the game via itch.io.


Akuto Screenshot

This weekend was Ludum Dare 34, the first Ludum Dare where there was a tie between two themes. This was the first, and last, game jam I took part in all of 2015. It was fun since I did quite many things. First was that I made a 3D game for a jam (I took part in the jam which is 72 hours long instead of the compo that is only 48 hours long). I even completed the game and it is fun. Short, but fun. You can download the game from GameJolt, and vote for it on the Ludum Dare website. Below is some information about the game.

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GameDev.net Jam

Toys In Space Level

I have completed my game for the GameDev.net Jam. If you had been following the development of the game, you will know that I have been working on it this past week. I am quite proud of how the game turned out. The only thing I am sad is that I did not get a chance to implement an online leaderboard system.

The goal in Toys In Space is to retrieve the stolen toys by pulling them in to your spaceship by using your magnet. This is done by controlling different aspects of your spaceship separately.

Toys In Space is also my game for September 2014 for One Game A Month.

I have also embedded a video at the bottom of this post to display the gameplay. This is mainly for people who might not understand on how to play the game.

You can download and play Toys In Space from itch.io.

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The Week Of Awesome II

GameDev.net Logo

This month I have decided to participate in the GameDev.net’s ‘The Week of Awesome II‘. This is a game development competition (game jam). I decided to create this post to state that I will be participating in this competition. I will be writing about my progress during the competition on my journal on GameDev.net. This blog post will also serve as my development log to make it easier for people to follow my progress. Everything what I talk about on my journal will also be updated on here.

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Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2014

Seven Day Roguelike

So it is March now and that means its time for the annual 7drl (Seven Day Roguelike Challenge). Before I continue with this post let me state two important points:

  1. I never made a roguelike before.
  2. I never played a roguelike until a week before this challenge.

So let me explain my two important points. I knew what a roguelike was but I never played one. I had seen them being played but I was usually put off by their graphics. But since games in recent years started to have roguelike features (which I found out I enjoy after playing the original version of Spelunky last year), I decided to look more into what a roguelike is. I first decided to actually play a proper roguelike which ended up being NetHack, a second generation major roguelike. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that. Whilst I was looking more into roguelikes I found out the 7drl was happening in a few weeks. Foolishly (or bravely, you decide) I decided to enter. The finished game will be submitted for 7drl 2014 and also for my March game for One Game A Month. Below is my development log of how the seven days got on.

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GMC Jam #13 And Candy Jam

Candy Crushes Pirate Saga Logo

This was the second game jam I had participated in as many weeks in 2014. Originally, I was only going to create a game for GMC Jam #13. But since I managed to combine the themes of both candy jam and GMC Jam #13 in one, I decided to submit the games to both of them. The theme for GMC Jam #13 was pirates, which was one of the better themes I saw in recent times, and the theme for Candy Jam was candy (obviously).

GMC Jam happens every 3-4 months but Candy Jam was created due to King trademarking the word “Candy”. Now I believe it was stupid for them to do that and it was more stupid whoever allowed the trademark from happen. Nevertheless, game developers were less than pleased with this and they decided to retaliate by creating a game jam about Candy. You can read more about this in the Polygon article. Personally, I think it is only a matter of time until King goes the same way as Zynga has gone.

But back on topic now. For this jam I created a game called Candy Crushes Pirate Saga. This is a platformer game where the player has a gun which can be used to modify the terrain. There are pirate robots on the level but the player cannot hurt them directly and has to use the level to stop them. I did not use the whole jam time to make the game as I was busy on one of the days. You can click here to download the game. Hope you enjoy it.

Candy Crush Pirate Saga is also my game for February 2014 for One Game A Month. Two games down, ten more games to go.

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