Retool Is a Finalist for the TIGA Awards 2016

TIGA Awards 2016 Finalist

This was announced last week, but I never noticed that Retool was selected. But hey, better later than never to notice it. Nevertheless, Retool was selected as a finalist in the puzzle category for the TIGA Awards 2016. This is a proud moment in my relatively short gamedev career.

Retool Demo Is Out

Player Attacking With A Sledgehammer

The latest, and final, Retool demo is out now for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is a small, three-level, demo giving you a glimpse of the core gameplay in the game. The great news about the demo is that your game data can be carried over into the full game when it is released. You can read on to find out the reason why I released a demo or just download it from right now.

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Retool March Update

Retool Banner

First things first, vote for Retool on Steam Greenlight! With that being said, Retool is around 95% complete. The main things that are left are the weapon meshes, testing and getting Greenlit. For the rest of this month, and next month, I will be continuing with marketing Retool. Hopefully you will see the game out this time next month. Below you can find all the major updates that happened with Retool in March.

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Retool Is Now On Steam Greenlight

Retool is finally on Steam Greenlight! For those of you who do not know, Retool is the game I have been developing since 2014. The game is a 3D hacking puzzle game set on incomplete orbital defense stations that circle around Sinai, home planet of the alien species known as Onix. In the game, you play as Maria, an engineer that was captured in the final weeks of the war. Having hacked your way out of your prison cell on a station, you must escape and return home.

You can find more information about Retool on its website, press kit or Indie DB.

Retool February Update

Retool Door Squash

The development of Retool is finally starting to wrap up. I am now only waiting for some of the final assets and the game music. Apart from that, Retool is complete. You can actually play it from beginning to end without any hitches (on my computer, not sure how it works on other’s computers).

Next month is going to be all about creating promotional materials, such as screenshots, Steam Greenlight trailer and contacting press. But enough about that. Below you can find all the major updates that happened with Retool in February.

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