Welcome To the New Website

Lovepreet Website With Twenty Sixteen Theme

It will have all the same content, same updates, and the same type of jokes. The only thing that has changed is the website theme. Instead of managing and updating my own theme, I decided to use WordPress’ Twenty Sixteen theme. This means less work for me and better content viewing for you. Why you ask? Because I was getting too lazy to manage and update my own theme. Enjoy.

Website Version Four

Website Screenshot

If you are reading this post, it must mean you have noticed my website has been redesigned. This was a major revision compared to my old version of the website. Here is a list of some of the updates about my new website:

  • It has pages to showcase my work, information about myself and most importantly, a way to contact me.
  • Used Bootstrap as the framework so the website is responsive and looks nice on any device.
  • Used flat design.
  • Designed the WordPress theme from scratch so it works as I want it to.

There are more things I have done redesigned and developed for my website which you can read more about by clicking here.