Akuto: Mad World December Update

Akuto: Mad World - Christmas

Akuto: Mad World has been out for nearly a month now, and in that time I have released numerous updates. This is my first, and hopefully not last, monthly update. The monthly update will list all the updates that occurred in the month, including more details about any new features in the game. Below are descriptions of our most important updates to the game. At the bottom of this post, you will find a full list of updates that happened this month, and what we have planned for next month. Remember, you can buy Akuto: Mad World now from Steam or Humble Store.

New Content in December

Finale level
This level was made with ‘hardcore’ players in mind. There are no environment traps, weapons pickups, or distractions on this level. This level will be where players compare their skill to see who the best player is truly.

Bounce bullet
This came from my frustration when players are hiding behind walls and I couldn’t fight them without ending up killed myself. With the bounce bullet, I can shoot the wall behind them and attack them from behind with the bullet and from the front with my sword.

Great Outdoors level
This level represents when all the great things about the outdoors go wrong. The campfire has gone, it is raining, and someone decided to leave their bear traps lying around.

Grenade bullet
This bullet is best used over short distances. It can be shot over small obstacles, and once it lands on the ground, it will blow up any players nearby.

Survival game mode
Survival game mode puts the player, or players, in an endless wave after wave battle with ‘ninja’ bots. The goal of the game mode is to survive for as long as possible. My best so far is 4 waves.

Acme Corporation level
This level represents the headquarters of ‘Acme Corporation’, the company where workers are always late, but never seem to leave work. Maybe there is a back exit?

Ancient Ruins level
The civilization that used to live in these ancient grounds could provide many answers about the origins of modern civilization. Or it could make for a great battleground.

Arrow bullet
The fastest bullet in this mad world… yet.

Fixes and Updates in December

  • Captions added when game boots up
  • Player team selection GUI updated to make it easier to understand when picking player color and when picking team color
  • Score limit increased on versus modes to 20
  • Created screen shake option where you can modify the strength of the screen shake
  • New level (Finale)
  • New bullet type (Bounce)
  • Fixed blood particles to stop them from floating on the level borders
  • Changed the bullet type on ‘Construction Site’ level from ‘Rocket’ to ‘Bounce’
  • Fixed the mesh of Spike Traps
  • Moved spawn positions on ‘Finale’ level closer to center
  • Updated stats menu by separating player and bots stats to separate pages
  • Created special main menu scene for Christmas period
  • Increased bot reloading times for ranged weapons
  • New bullet type (Grenade)
  • Decreased blast radius of rocket bullets to make them similar to grenade bullets
  • Reduced number of spawn positions in ‘Finale’ level
  • New level (Great Outdoors)
  • Updated collider size of ‘wooden log’
  • Moved ‘bear trap’ closer to center on ‘Great Outdoors’ level
  • Death slow motion effect can be turned on/off
  • Updated mesh of rocket bullet
  • New game mode (Survival)
  • Stats menu updated to include ‘Survival’ game mode
  • New level (Acme Corporation)
  • Updated collisions and nav mesh on every level
  • New level (Ancient Ruins)
  • New bullet type (Arrow)
  • Spawn positions updated on ‘Great Outdoors’ level – no more spawning behind trees
  • Fast-scroll enabled for menus
  • Lower chance of beheading occurring when katana is thrown

Plans for January
My number one goal for January is to finish the core 10 11 levels for the game. After that, I can start focusing on our other tasks, such as game modes, and the level editor. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more levels in the game. This just means I feel the game has enough levels for everybody to enjoy. This also means that I will have reached my first milestone, which means that I will be increasing the price of the game. I am not sure by how much yet though, so it is best to buy it now if you haven’t already.

I will also be focusing on other tasks that the community feels that needs improving in the game, such as the GUI and new game modes.

As always, feel free to leave any comments, queries, or feedback you might have about the game.

Happy New Year everyone!!