Akuto: Mad World January Update

Akuto: Mad World - Body Map

Welcome to January’s monthly update for Akuto: Mad World. This month I have completed the first milestone, which was to create minimum 11 multiplayer levels. With that completed, I am now focusing on the next milestone of creating new game modes. Read on to see what updates that were released in January and at the bottom of the post you will find a full list of updates that happened this month and what I am planning for next month.

Akuto: Mad World is now available from Steam or Humble Store.

New Content in January

Disc bullet
This bullet was created to put fear into players when they see it. Unlike all other non-explosive bullets, the Disc bullet can’t be blocked or deflected using a katana. The only time it stops is when it hits something solid. This means that since characters are not solid, you can get multiple kills from one bullet.

Robot Factory level
The first level where you can drop from a ledge… to your death!

Quarry level
It’s a quarry and you can fight there, what more can I say?

Tribal Lands level
Civilization has moved on from this land a long time ago, but some say there are evil spirits that still lurk here…

Score Hardcore mode
Score Hardcore mode is similar to score mode where the first player to reach the target score is the winner. The big difference between this and score mode is that when you die in this mode, you lose a point. I have limited the minimum score a player can have is 0. This means if a player dies while having 0 points, they will still have 0. I found this worked out best as it kept the game competitive and stopped anyone from gaining a big lead very early on.

Maze level
Be dazed and confused by going up and down, in and out.

Sandbox level
Sandbox is used for testing experimental level props and traps. There is no official theme to this level and it is just a bunch of experimental stuff. Enjoy at your own risk.

Practice game mode
Practice makes perfect.

Fixes and Updates in January

  • Updated color for ‘Grenade’ bullet
  • Fixed pillar collision issue on ‘Ancient Ruins’ level
  • Fixed characters stopping when both death effects are off
  • Update design of stairs on ‘Acme Corporation’ level
  • New bullet type (Disc)
  • Show correct menu name for post-processing effects settings menu
  • Updated font for level names, pause text, winner text, etc. for better readability
  • Updated lighting on every level
  • New level (Robot Factory)
  • Level Select menu updated
  • Updated ‘Disc’ bullet
  • New level (Quarry)
  • Updated colliders with fences on ‘Construction Site’ level
  • New level (Tribal Lands)
  • New game mode (Score Hardcore)
  • Random level select option created
  • New level (Maze)
  • New level (Sandbox)
  • Fixed lighting issues on certain levels
  • Fixed survival wave bug
  • Made bots easier
  • New game mode (Practice)

Plans for February
My first task for February is to get the new GUI for the game set up. I decided instead of updating just the options/settings GUI, I will am going to update the whole game GUI. I will also focus on new game modes. If you have any requests for specific game modes, then contact me or leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

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