Akuto: Mad World December Update

Akuto: Mad World - Christmas

Akuto: Mad World has been out for nearly a month now, and in that time I have released numerous updates. This is my first, and hopefully not last, monthly update. The monthly update will list all the updates that occurred in the month, including more details about any new features in the game. Below are descriptions of our most important updates to the game. At the bottom of this post, you will find a full list of updates that happened this month, and what we have planned for next month. Remember, you can buy Akuto: Mad World now from Steam or Humble Store.

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Akuto: Mad World Is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Akuto: Mad World Early Access Cover

Akuto: Mad World is out now in Early Access on Steam and Humble Store. If you really want to support me, you can buy the game from the official website.

I am also planning to create a monthly update, something similar to what I did with Retool. The update will talk about all the changes I have made to the game over the past month, and what I have planned for the next month. So stay tuned.

Play Akuto: Mad World at G-Star

G-Star Logo

Great news! Akuto: Mad World will be returning to South Korea next week. This will be the latest build with the new characters and levels. The bad news is that I won’t be there, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game.

You can play Akuto: Mad World at G-Star 2016 as one of its official selections. G-Star is being held from November 17 to November 19 in Busan.

Akuto: Mad World Got Nominated For Best Game

GameCity Logo

Just a small update to say that Akuto: Mad World was nominated for ‘Best Overall Game’ at GameCity Festival. Three games were nominated for this award. They were Akuto: Mad World, The Last Leviathan, and, the winner, All The Delicate Duplicates.

Play Akuto: Mad World at Sweden Game Conference and GameCity Festival

National Videogame Arcade and Sweden Game Conference logos

Join me at Sweden Game Conference and GameCity Festival where I will be showing Akuto: Mad World. This will be the first time I will be showing the brand new levels to the public. Sweden Game Conference is being held from October 20 until October 23 in Skövde, and GameCity Festival is being held from October 26 until October 29 in Nottingham. The game is being shown all around Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, which is adjacent to the National Videogame Arcade.

Play Akuto: Mad World At The Busan Indie Connect Festival 2016

Busan Indie Connect Festival Logo

Akuto: Mad World has been selected as one of the games for the game expo at BICFest (Busan Indie Connect Festival). You can join me there and play the game between September 9 and September 11 2016 in Busan, South Korea. Yes, you read that right. Akuto has gone international! From Vienna to Busan to who knows where next. You can find out more information about BICFest here.