The Composer And Illustrator That Will Help Improve Retool

Retool - Level Idea

So after a 9:1 ratio of composers to illustrators that applied (82 composers, 9 illustrators), I have finally managed to narrow it down to the individuals who will help me improve Retool. Liz Rainsberry will be composing the music for Retool and Kimberly Parker will be creating the promo art for Retool.

Other than that, Retool is making good progress. I am still hoping to release it in the next few months but this will all depend on QA testing and how that turns out..

Retool November Update

Retool - One-Man Pyramid

I have decided I am going to change how I post updated on my blog. Instead of doing weekly updates (or random updates), I am going to compile all of one month’s updates I have posted on social media and other platforms and post them on here at the end of every month. I hope that everyone will enjoy this new format. So here it goes.

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Let’s Talk About UI Functionality

Retool Screenshot Capture Feature

It has been quite a long time since I last talked about Retool. The last update that I made about Retool, excluding any award mentions or artists search, was in July. That was over three months ago. I was going to do a video update today, but I think it would have been too boring for what I was going to talk about, which is Retool’s UI (User Interface) functionality.

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The Artists That Will Make Retool Look Good

Retool GIF

After 43 artists applied, numerous counts of bad art by me, and 6 weeks of deciding, I have chosen three people to do the art for Retool and make it look better by at least 48%. So please welcome Richard Schmidbauer and Esther Nho as the environment artists, and Tan Woon Tzer as the character artist.

There isn’t much else to say about Retool other than I am trying to optimize the code to get it ready to add all the new assets and features. So until the next update, here is a GIF of Agent M shooting some guards (yes, the characters in the game finally have some names).

Retool GIF

Call Out For 3D Artists For Retool

Retool Logo

Retool is at a stage where the core gameplay is implemented and the game can be played (and hopefully enjoyed). Now I can’t endure to look at its art, especially as it was created by my limited art skillset. Therefore, to improve the game a further 43%, I have decided it is time to hire a professional 3D artist. Read on if you are interested.

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Retool Guard Trailer

Here is the first (kind-of) trailer for Retool. It shows how to retool the levels to eliminate guards. The game is still in alpha and all the art and sounds are subject to be changed.

Sorry about the bad quality of the footage, OBS did not want to play nice.

The music is by Aaron Paul Low.

Remember, you can download the playable alpha version from GameJolt.